Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Plain Cool

Ok so I am desperately in love with this clock - Its called a Qlock Two and it actually spells out the time.

As soon as a saw it I went ... I want it like yesterday ... so I spent a good hour searching for the damn thing.... I was so determined to buy it - I just had to have it .... until I found out the price.

ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a clock ... I think not!

See honey, Even I have a button in my head that says ... to much!

So I will be admiring from a distance .... It is pretty damn cool though isn't it?


B is building a house said...

Looks like a piece of art :)

What are the dimensions?


KL said...

Crap. My 'I want, NO! I need' list just got longer!!!! Where did you find it?

Anette Ryan said...

Yes it is! But for $1000 not sooo cool. Shame!
//Anette :-)