Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Week of Confessions

So this week you have found out that I am a total control freak ... and I'm a closet Ikea fanatic however this one really takes the cake. This one turns me from a cute slightly quirky Australian woman into something a little bit scary.

But as always let me start at the beginning. Me and a few friends are totally completely addicted to a TV series called True Blood.  Now my friends regularly argue over which one of the lovely men on the show they particularly want to take home and to be honest .... they are all pretty nice but last week I watched an episode that made me realise I have a problem ... instead of drooling over the pretty sets of abs and arms that many woman would die to have holding them .... here we go .... I'm just going to say it ..... I was lusting over Bill Compton's house.

Yes that's right ... I was so in love with the house the boys above didn't even get a hit on my radar ... the house on the other hand had me all hot an bothered.

So ladies .... (sorry gentleman) - if you had to choose between the house below or one of the boys above ... which would it be???

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