Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drama and Colour

There never seems to be a drama free weekend in my life. After a weekend full of gardening I return to work on Monday and during a rather important commercial meeting I start swelling up.

Yes you heard right, my face starts to swell, I broke out into a very red itchy rash and my throat started closing up. When my boss could stop laughing long enough to speak he quickly sent me off to the doctor who just as quickly sent me home with a rather strong Anti-histamine and instructions for a cold bath, tablets and bed.

Oh joy - so for two days I have been so drugged up on these tablets I didn't even realise hubby had gone to golf and come back (yes he did leave me but to be honest ... is it really that bad when I didn't even realise he was gone) and of course ... I was so drugged out I didn't even post for all my lovely bloggy friends.

So this is a very big, rash filled sorry for disappearing yesterday.

However in honour of my rather colourful drama filled life I thought today as a treat I would show you something I am hoping to do in my next house ... I love the idea of a totally neutral color scheme except for one item of colour .... I believe the technical term is a "POP" of colour...  What do you think ... Its a nice idea right, and when you get sick of red it would be quite easy to just change it to blue or something? I do think the colours have to be quite dramatic, you couldn't go for a pastel shade, they have to be bold for this to work.

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M said...

Glorious 'pops' of colour, indeed. I love the concept of neutral with a relatively small, yet dramatic, hit of bold colour.

Hope you're feeling better!