Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lighting Up

Ha - I must still be on my little high from the cold and flu's because the title just made me laugh....

Yes well anyways, moving right along, obviously as times goes by my design style is evolving and crystallising and I think I have decided on my lighting for the main kitchen / Dining / Living Room. I love the idea of using a mix of exposed bulbs and stainless steel track lights to give it a really simple modern feel to it.

Here is what I'm thinking? Exposed bulbs over the island bench in the kitchen and a cluster of them in the lounge room and then a lovely stainless track light over the dining table.

My Kitchen is dark with Arctic white tops and then three single bulbs ....

The Dining room has a huge 3m dining table that will seat 10 - 12 in dark french oak with some lovely upholstered linen chairs and my simple track light

The lounge room is still in debate but if I get my way I want some lovely comfortable brown leather chairs, big bulky furniture and the lovely cluster of bulbs in the centre


B is building a house said...

Hope you are feeling better Miss V.

Your dining table is to die for!!!


Anette Ryan said...

I really like your dining table too. The lamps are cool! Good luck with your choice.
Anette :-)