Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hitting a Wall

I have to say - today I have officially hit a wall. I am sitting here, glassy eyed staring at the screen thinking ... my god I just want to be in bed. My mind is tired ... way to much going on at the moment and on top of that my body is tired. Yes that's right, this is a woe is me post and I'm happy to be feeling sorry for myself!

If you can, hang in there because although I'm feeling sorry for myself my planned medicine is the cutest little house you have ever seen.

Oh yes, so I'm feeling sorry for myself.... (Imagine me hunched dispiritedly over he keyboard ... struggling to type) ... because even my fingers are sore from trying to minute over 50 hours of technical meetings.

Ok - so the only thing that would make me feel better would be sitting on the veranda of this little house in my ugg boots, PJ's and of course my steaming cup of coffee .... and maybe even my husband.

So today this would be my dream holiday home! What do you think?


Anette Ryan said...

If your husband can't make it Maybe I can come and take in the peacefulness that this place oozes.
Have a nice weekend!
Anette :-)

Pia said...

What a "cottage"! I could as well imagine me sitting on that veranda... Lovely!

Greetings from Pia in Finland!