Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Storage and Display

Over the years we have travelled and collected different artifacts from where ever we have visited. Until now they have been packed away in boxes waiting ever so patiently to be unpacked and displayed properly. The thing is - to really do it properly you are probably going to have to have built in display units and that is where it gets quite overwhelming.

I think the display cabinet will be put into the lounge / dining room and I will try and make it match the two built ins I am having done in the recesses.

The recess closest to the kitchen will have a half height wine rack with a lovely stone top. The rest of the space will just be one lovely big mirror.

The second recess will have again a half height cabinet with doors as sort of a makeshift bar again with a plain stone top however above that this one will have built in cabinets / shelves for all my lovely glasses. I found this image which is exactly what I am trying to achieve there.

Finally the display unit for my little nick knacks .... I am thinking something along these lines but the thing is - where do I put it. I have this lovely wall backing onto the alfresco which might be an option but my other thought is to have it sitting in the middle of the room creating a floor to ceiling divider between the lounge / dining room? Which one do you prefer?

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