Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Green Thumb'd Gal

Walking around my block on the weekend I was actually quite surprised at just how much outdoor space I have .... Its kind of amazing that I am going to have space for a pool and a little bit of grassed area as well as a bloody big vegetable patch.

The thing is the more space you have the more green you have to fill it with ....

I want to use espaliated fruit trees against the wall I am building blocking out the neighbors from hell....

I am also going to have two olive trees near the alfresco and the pool area is going to have a lovely frangipani and pebbles.

I know I'm going to have a lovely grey paver done in almost like a polish concrete... the pool is either going to be black or a green so I'm definitely getting there.

Here are some of my other inspiration photo's

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B is building a house said...

I love your ideas!!!

I too love greenery :)