Monday, August 29, 2011

Im One Of Those

Oh yes ... I'm one of those people who actually gets excited about the new Ikea Catalogue. Not so bad that I am cleaning my mail box but I have been checking it every day just to make sure I don't miss it arriving.

However today I got impatient and viewed it online and I have to say .... Oh my god I LOVE IKEA!

These are a few of my favorite rooms they have put together. Can you imagine the first image with the two back to back chaise's in a library right in the centre of the room with books the whole way round???

IKEA is my idea of heaven! (I did tell you I'm terrible)

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Anette Ryan said...

I'm one too! Think I'm more excited now since I move all the way across the world. I will have to wait for mine though, they have to distribute to central Melbourne first before I can even place an order on-line. My hubby is probably doing a "mercy dash" to Melbourne this weekend to IKEA to pick up a few thing for the house while we have a ute to fit things in too. Hopefully he can bring back a catalogue and some Swedish food...;)
Anette :-)