Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ikea Hack ... Billy Bookcase turns Library

 photo 026_zpsef24789a.jpg

So last update on the Library was us painting .... oh the joys of painting.

This weekend we finished the bookcase and boy are we happy.

We started with placing and spacing all the units - Starting at the wall we worked our way outwards we with temporary spacers being screwed into place to keep things accurate.

 photo 002_zps796d3b91.jpg

Next we plaster boarded up the end - necessary because we needed a moulding on the edge and the bookcase was to thin itself to hold onto it.

 photo 006_zpse39c7e72.jpg

Skirting was then fitted with the bookcases being raised so that the skirting ends where the bottom shelf begins.

 photo 011_zps4aebed31.jpg

The hard part was the top moulding with us needing to have the perfect join at the corner.

 photo 014_zpscb2f5fc6.jpg

Finally the front moulding panels, we went with something fairly bulky and plain to counteract the ornate skirting and top moulding.

 photo 013_zps1d7a9dc0.jpg

Overall we are nearly done, a bot of no more gaps, putty and repainting and it will be all book ready but for now I cant say how proud we are of how it has turned out!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beautiful Homes .... Frontages That Sing!

 photo bae07cd0ea82c8571793b93cb71288ab_zps52f75bae.jpg

Don't get me wrong, I adore my house however every so often I see a frontage I would give my right arm for  (don't worry I'm left handed)

Most of them seem to be situated in the most beautiful parts of the US and UK.

How on earth do they create such beautiful buildings .... heaven can be a home!!!

So many beautiful styles, era's and sizes, which is your favourite?

 photo Screen-shot-2013-06-13-at-122726-PM_zps8c3d12f8.png photo a15_zps6b588819.jpg photo afd327f1f9bed4c2cb6a6d492e8bbbdc_zps4ba04b81.jpg photo 513723-shane-warne_zps0a1740f0.jpg photo 298_zps3ff1b7bd.jpg photo 1_4h_zps54b0382b.jpg photo 1_4g_zps65366ba5.jpg photo 18339i_zps4f85a57e.jpg

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Week Of Busy ....

 photo 004_zps361ea7e1.jpg

A day sick in bed, a crazy insane wedding, a flat tyre, a few storms and a hockey game.

Our weeks just seem to get fuller and fuller and while we adore every single moment of our lives it just seems there is so much to fit in into a relatively short amount of time.

So today my week in pics ....

 photo 001_zps35f88ff7.jpg photo 017_zps442ba5e1.jpg photo 016_zps9d734e3a.jpg photo 049_zps6e747b8f.jpg photo 039_zpse2844dc9.jpg

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Library Ikea Hack Begins ....

 photo 054_zpsb30626b9.jpg

That's right, the library hack has started and like all good Ikea Hacks it begins with a box. OK maybe a few boxes.

 photo 055_zpscae0decc.jpg

All the normal putting the frame together without pulling your hair out steps to start with.

 photo 056_zps3e36869d.jpg photo 057_zpsfa188bea.jpg photo 058_zpsfa836b34.jpg

Then we move onto the more detailed work, we wallpapered the back panels of the units with a lovely navy blue and white printed paper.

 photo 059_zps5b65365b.jpg photo 060_zpsf3ad05e1.jpg

So simple and so pretty.

Then we slid them in to the back and did the usual nailing ect.

 photo 062_zps59f77987.jpg

Finally we start painting all our trim with a high gloss acrylic paint in the ever faithful Antique USA White.

 photo 061_zpsa99efd58.jpg

Such a good start but oh so much left to do - next we are onto spacing and framing it out. Not such a big job though when you think about it - one step at a time. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blank Space ...

 photo 365_zpsfee6f914.jpg

For me, sometimes the most interesting spaces are unusable. What I mean is they are not a room, they have no practical purpose other than moving between practical spaces.

Hallways, entries, corridors. These are the spaces that most people forget.

I find that these spaces help to give a house its personality. These are the bits that don't have to be practical, they don't have to be functional ..... they can just be pretty.

But so often we forget these spaces, we make the corridors plain and boring and functional. We don't see the potential to make them beautiful and elegant and just so .... nice.

Here are a couple of my favourites and let me tell you .... if I ever get the courage to build again be concerned .... because these are going straight into my next house!

 photo DSC_0029_zpse33f4cd1.jpg photo e2d4ea26d90c0f72bd0280496f7a9ff3_zps4986493e.jpg photo Regency_015_F_zps0741a234.jpg photo Style_4_zpse71191c3.jpg photo 1157_zps7cdd5e6b.jpg

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bathing Beauties ....

 photo item8-rendition-slideshowwidevertical-jean-louis-deniot-09-master-bath_zpsfb2ba98b.jpg

That's right, I'm talking about spectacularly beautiful bathrooms. The type of space that everyone aspires for.

Slightly unusual to our normal designs but still ... heaven in a small tiled room.

What do you think, any of these take your fancy?

 photo Bathroom_3_zpsfe3da5cb.jpg photo Bathroom_7_zpsaf232528.jpg

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Library Begins ...

 photo Glucksteindesignlibrary_zps22702201.jpg

Obviously from my previous posts you would probably have the picture that for me a library is my biggest ever want ... unfortunately for me we don't have the space for one at this present time. 

If I had my way we would build the most amazing library ever and I don't think I would ever leave the room. These are a few of my current favourites.

 photo 201220Home20Libraries20Wiedemann20Secret20Doors20HDP_121105_7_FS_zps4f4e23aa.jpg photo boardman-library_zps73c82b95.jpg

Coming back down to earth we do however have a large landing which will hold a series of bookcases beautifully. So now the bookcase design begins. If im being honest ... which I usually am I really don't have the money to build the dream bookcase that I want. So again ... like all other great projects this one is going to start as a set of humble billy bookcases and yup .... we are going to hack them!

 photo billy-bookcase__80158_PE194633_S4_zps3c5fe7c1.jpg

After a great deal of thought and research this is going to be the look we are going to try to achieve .... a lot of work - Yes.

 photo 13455f4990c141580ad2da5fa0be3f36_zpscbf8baea.jpg

Worth it if it turns out even half as good as this .... certainly!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lust Have's ....

 photo cache_240_240_raphelblk_zpsa040a8ac.jpg

Every so often you find a store that has the most fabulous furniture you just want to buy it all.

I have found that shop ... its called "The Corner Store" and its located in Fremantle WA. For me this is heaven. Beautiful unusual pieces that I just want to own.

Here are a few of my current favourites and I already have places for each and every one in my home.

 photo cache_240_240_marseille_zpsf4c26c22.jpg photo cache_240_240_IHBLXVI_EB_320_zps5571343e.jpg photo cache_240_240_IDART_ANT_320_zps68f2b3ee.jpg

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lounge Room Dreaming

 photo Picture1_zpsd5b6a5f4.jpg

So obviously the whole idea of focusing on one room at a time is a good one ... however every so often I look at the empty spaces and think to myself, "I want it now!"

Beautiful couches and rugs and mirrors ... oh god I love furniture.

It also makes me think about what exactly I want to do with the space ... here are some of my inspirations for the downstairs lounge room.

I think I like the warmth and relaxed nature of the first one more than the formality of the second, a mix of different wood tones, lovely linen chairs ... heaven is the top lounge room.

The bottom one I just love that hint of pale blue and gold. The beautiful light fixture and the restraint in detail is beautiful.

 photo foster_015_zpscba6023a.jpg