Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blank Space ...

 photo 365_zpsfee6f914.jpg

For me, sometimes the most interesting spaces are unusable. What I mean is they are not a room, they have no practical purpose other than moving between practical spaces.

Hallways, entries, corridors. These are the spaces that most people forget.

I find that these spaces help to give a house its personality. These are the bits that don't have to be practical, they don't have to be functional ..... they can just be pretty.

But so often we forget these spaces, we make the corridors plain and boring and functional. We don't see the potential to make them beautiful and elegant and just so .... nice.

Here are a couple of my favourites and let me tell you .... if I ever get the courage to build again be concerned .... because these are going straight into my next house!

 photo DSC_0029_zpse33f4cd1.jpg photo e2d4ea26d90c0f72bd0280496f7a9ff3_zps4986493e.jpg photo Regency_015_F_zps0741a234.jpg photo Style_4_zpse71191c3.jpg photo 1157_zps7cdd5e6b.jpg

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