Monday, June 3, 2013

Ikea Hack .... 99% Complete

Ok so I must admit this was not easy. Dont be fooled by the sites which claim ANYONE can do it because it was challenging and hard and just pain painful at different points in time however I am happy to say that other than a pesky little cornice dilemma its done!!!

So later in the week when my hands have recovered I will give you the "How We Did It" Spiel but for now .... pics!!!


 photo 023_zpsd0dcc51d.jpg photo 0242_zps164d44f9.jpg


 photo 048_zpsd97fc7a9.jpg photo 051_zps7702950f.jpg


Anette Ryan said...

Well done! It looks stunning no one will ever know. Well unless they read this ;-)

Kl Eternalicons said...

Looks like a VERY expensive built-in. Well done! x KL