Monday, July 29, 2013

.... and then Someone Helps Make It Better.

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So while I still think that everything sucks today one good deed helps make everything suck just that little bit less.

A coffee on the house by my local coffee shop almost brought tears to my eye.

Sometimes its the little things you do that can make a big difference to someone.

The Reality Of Life .....

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Every so often I like to do one of these dark depressing posts about how on occasion life just sucks.

The funny thing about this one is that on Sunday I was on a high, you see I had managed to avoid a very nasty hangover, I cooked 2 different healthy soups, found an amazing new fresh fruit and veg shop, organised my fridge and managed to sort out my dining room so the chairs can finally go under the table, did six loads of washing, hosed down and cleaned up outside and cleaned all the inside floors till everything shone with clean.

 photo 042_zps3bc3e1c5.jpg 

I had a great weekend and felt great about my house and just overall how things were. I finally felt on top of life and on top of everything. Its a good feeling to know you have control over things.

 photo 036_zps9aeb3de3.jpg

Obviously this feeling didn't last more than two seconds because .... lets be honest .... life just sucks sometimes.

Coming home last night I find darling little Tilly has disemboweled yet another toy and the stuffing was spread from one end of the house to the other. Further to this, they had managed to pull up the carpet which we are using outside to keep down the sand and dig a huge hole dragging sand throughout the house. 

 photo 004_zpsf82a286b.jpg

Finally Tilly does 2 inside poo's and a wee meaning she was banished downstairs for the night and made such a racket i don't think I got to sleep until well at 2am!

So lets be honest about the reality of my life. There is nothing clean, organised or on track in my life at the moment. Its just one disaster running into another and if there is just one moment of great organisation its purely to trick me into relaxing my guard before it snaps down like a mouse trap and proves that I am fallible and tend to fall 99% of the time. I Haven't got it together, I don't know how I could ever consider adding kids into the equation because to be honest i don't think I can cope on my own.

The reality is - Life is one big crazy mess and the aim shouldn't be to wrangle it, to control it and try and make it work for you, no no no, the reality of life is you should be congratulated just for coming out the other side of each and every day without going totally insane!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vegetable Garden Planning

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Hundreds of years ago people vegetables were one of the most important parts of a household. People would rely on these to eat and because of this the planning and execution of these would be all about the details. 

 photo how-to-grow-a-vegetable-garden_zps6ad858ca.jpg 

Now it is tempting to just dump a set of seeds in the ground and hope for the best but for long term vegetable gardens you are hoping to rely heavily on year round I do think a bit of planning is required.

 photo 6a014e86bee496970d014e60135aa1970c-800wi_zpsd4575980.jpg 

So ... the soil is sorted, a lovely mix of nutrient enriched vegetable garden specific soil and horse poo. That's right, the natural soil conditioner. Even better the garden has a water source, we keep the pipes above ground so we can control where and how much water each section of the garden is getting. Its wet and happy and just waiting for its green dressing.

So the planning begins and while I'm slightly intimidated with exactly HOW I should plan the garden I'm determined to get there slowly ... to make long term decisions and get the most out of this exciting space!

 photo 022_zps0f00830e.jpg photo 023_zps1f7792c4.jpg

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Garden Progress ....

 photo 029_zps6988111c.jpg

Its amazing how quickly a yard comes together, one minute its one giant sand pit and then the next we finally start getting a bit of potential.

 photo 009_zps7c356c04.jpg

We have a structure, we have finalised out levels and are now working towards grass..... ok perhaps not real grass but a nice version of artificial turf. That will be sorted next trip but for now we had to find a way to hold back the mounds of dirt that separate us and our neighbours block. The answer was rough treated railway sleepers. They are textural, they have character and the colour looks amazing with green.

 photo 026_zps5fc81807.jpg

So now are nearly there, well not even close but we are one step closer to a non sandy backyard.

 photo 021_zps3f54ed85.jpg

Obviously with all our weekend work neither hubby or I can move without wincing but hey .... just look - it was worth it!

Just so you can see how far we have come ... the before picture!

 photo 0042_zps741b02aa.jpg

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Storm Damage

 photo 009_zpsa900f5d7.jpg

So I have been MIA for the last few days and the main reason is .... storm damage.

Nothing so common as lifted roof sheets for us .... oh no, the damage to our property was much more insidious. The fence we really don't want to deal with is trying to fall down.

Major cracks appeared in the ground holding it up, sever leaning and ominous cracking mean we have spent the last few days digging it out and reinforcing it so that it doesn't fall down before we are ready to deal with it.

Not to much writing today, my hands and arms are dying but a few pics to keep you going.

 photo 011_zpsb5854020.jpg photo 013_zps66e0c76d.jpg photo 020_zps3f3c69c1.jpg photo 021_zps525a5be4.jpg

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Purchase - Black Lacquer Chinoiserie Side Table

 photo 052_zpsc10bfe9a.jpg

That's right, Miss V has been shopping yet again and this time she is actually jumping up and down with excitement.

Why .... because she found the most AMAZING side table ever. Think black lacquer, think beautiful detail, think hidden compartments and finally think lions feet!!!

Such a cool piece and I'm desperate to find out details. Only I can't seem to find anything on-line.

However .... slowly slowly, I will discover it secrets but for now, I'm just happy to admire it!

 photo 048_zps4ae85c7a.jpg photo 051_zpsf15df677.jpg photo 047_zpsde718d14.jpg photo 053_zpsad2ea8c3.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blue and White Candy Buffet ....

 photo BlueandWhite_zps8c30806c.jpg

I have a booking this weekend for a lovely woman for her son. Its his 1st birthday / Christening and I am pretty excited about this one.

Designing for kids is great fun! Designing something sweet and beautiful gives you so many opportunities to be creative.

Bring on Saturday .... 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Garden Dreaming ....

 photo 81924_3_zpsc7f47c5d.jpg

So the garden plans continue and it seems to be a lot of backward and forward - planning levels of garden beds, trees and even the ground levels seems to go around and around in circles. 

Hubby and I negotiate, we talk, discuss and then argue our point if necessary. Deciding on a particular species of tree or plant in the garden centre was almost humorous with both trying to sell their favourites to the others with no success.

Now during all this we are mindful that the block is small - the gardens are tiny and every decision we make is vital. I sometimes imagine it would be both easier and harder to have more space. 

 photo Tory_HappyJuly4_960_zps16e0d61f.jpg

Would we still agonise over the smallest detail or would we be a bit free'er with our design? 

These gardens certainly give the impression they just sprung up without might thought? This is a future dream perhaps .... a far distant future dream!

 photo 11_interior-design-styles-ED0709-LAUDER24-12-lgn_zps784b041f.jpg

Monday, July 8, 2013

Vegetable Gardens ARE Scary!

 photo untitled6_zpse373887c.png

That's right, I'm putting it out there, the whole idea of having a vegetable garden is scary as hell. 

Firstly, it makes you environmentally responsible which is a great thing. Your feel empowered and able to do your bit, your going to save yourself money on food shopping and what you eat will be fresh and preservative free. You will be a healthier person, you will be looking after the environment .... everything is good.

And then you look at the space, the big blank canvas .... the area looks daunting, what if it doesn't work, what if its too much work, how can I look after a space this big ... hell I don't even know what to grow.

So yes, right now I'm not feeling empowered I'm feeling scared, such a big space, such a lot of responsibility to get it right. 

I might go buy a book but even that's going to confuse me .... I need a plan, I need a way forward and I need whole lot of courage!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Garden Design Begins ....

 photo 051_zpsca9680e1.jpg

This trip with Hubby home we seem to be on fire when it comes to getting things done.

Our latest work .... the gardens begin.  That's right, 3 trailer loads of bad soil removed, 2 trailer loads of good soil in so far and we have a few plants to start with.

Our inspiration comes from the picture below - a soft yet formal garden in vibrant colours and lots of texture.

What do you think so far .... do you see the potential we do?

 photo 046_zps4841734f.jpg