Monday, July 29, 2013

The Reality Of Life .....

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Every so often I like to do one of these dark depressing posts about how on occasion life just sucks.

The funny thing about this one is that on Sunday I was on a high, you see I had managed to avoid a very nasty hangover, I cooked 2 different healthy soups, found an amazing new fresh fruit and veg shop, organised my fridge and managed to sort out my dining room so the chairs can finally go under the table, did six loads of washing, hosed down and cleaned up outside and cleaned all the inside floors till everything shone with clean.

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I had a great weekend and felt great about my house and just overall how things were. I finally felt on top of life and on top of everything. Its a good feeling to know you have control over things.

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Obviously this feeling didn't last more than two seconds because .... lets be honest .... life just sucks sometimes.

Coming home last night I find darling little Tilly has disemboweled yet another toy and the stuffing was spread from one end of the house to the other. Further to this, they had managed to pull up the carpet which we are using outside to keep down the sand and dig a huge hole dragging sand throughout the house. 

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Finally Tilly does 2 inside poo's and a wee meaning she was banished downstairs for the night and made such a racket i don't think I got to sleep until well at 2am!

So lets be honest about the reality of my life. There is nothing clean, organised or on track in my life at the moment. Its just one disaster running into another and if there is just one moment of great organisation its purely to trick me into relaxing my guard before it snaps down like a mouse trap and proves that I am fallible and tend to fall 99% of the time. I Haven't got it together, I don't know how I could ever consider adding kids into the equation because to be honest i don't think I can cope on my own.

The reality is - Life is one big crazy mess and the aim shouldn't be to wrangle it, to control it and try and make it work for you, no no no, the reality of life is you should be congratulated just for coming out the other side of each and every day without going totally insane!

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