Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exciting news .... A hectic schedule ..... And a partridge in a pear tree ....

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Let me start by apologising for my disappearance .... life has been more than hectic lately and while I cant reveal all just yet there are exciting developments on the work front, both my official job and small business.

Also, home life is busy, holiday booking for the family, renovations continue and my two terrors that call themselves dogs leaving me with a severe lack of sleep and a whole lot running through my head.

Today I thought I would show you one of the two candy buffet's I have been doing over the weekend. 

Exciting news? This one was a 5 birthday celebration and I have to say .... it was a pleasure to put together.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The World Is a Scary Place ....

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Forget about monsters under your bed or stranger danger. I find as an adult I am more scared of the world and its occupants than I ever was as a child.

Turning on the news this morning I was shocked at a violent crime taking place in the leafy suburbs of London.

It seems that we as a people are not evolving into a higher race, bad things seem to be happening more often and people are the cause.

I don't think I could purposely go out of my way to hurt someone and I can't comprehend the mindset of anyone else who wanted to do the same thing.

In my head all I keep thinking is .... how could they? No really, what type of a person would do this. Its so very brutal, so very raw and so very scary to think that there are people out there capable of this.

I know its not right but it certainly is easier to just not turn on the news ... why not stick to cupcake wars and the great British bake off. Yes I am not going to deny these horrible tragic things will still happen but perhaps not knowing about them will make it easier to step outside my door every morning!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Southern Escape

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So the reason I was MIA last week was because hubby and I escaped down south!

A super long weekend of wineries, breweries, chocolate and cheese and lots of long lunches. It was heaven and we were lucky enough to have hubby's little brother join us in the fun!

So this post is dedicated to just how heavenly a trip down to Margaret River / Dunsborough can be!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Life .... and Detoxing

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It seems that life is very busy these days. I don't remember trying to fit as much into my days when I was younger but admittedly .... these days I am busy. Ridiculously busy.

I also find it very very hard to try to figure out what is important, its all important really, in different ways and to try and make a judgement call is almost impossible because in their own ways I want to do everything well.

So for the next 3 weeks I am detoxing .... not just my body although that is certainly a part of it but also all those inconsequential things that you really should do but just dont have to time to do.

Figure out whats important, get it done and move on.

Focus on me, my needs, go for a walk, get more sleep, eat better ..... take the time to actually buy a moisturiser instead of just using hubby's aftershave balm....

Yup - the detox starts now! Wish me luck peoples.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Famous ....

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That is right - I am in the news paper.

Well actually a photograph I took while overseas is in the paper. It is a finalist into a Best Travel Photograph competition.

Its a very exciting prospect to be honest ... to have recognition for something like this.

So yes, today I am bouncing around the office showing everyone just how famous I am ;-)

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

More Progress ... Skirting

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So this week my husband is on fire .... oh yes he has been busy.

We are seeing the start of skirting boards. Great for rainy days not able to be spent outside we have been obsessing over trying to find the perfect size and shape. I love curves, detail and height,  wanted them to be big and bold and a definite break between the floor and walls. These are lovely, not too fussy but definitely a way of saying .... yes I have skirting.

We have started in the theatre room because we needed to build the cabinets around them but there is talk .... oh yes, rumour abound that these could procreate and start filling the house over time.

Excitement plus in the V household. I hope everyone elses Tuesdays are as fun filled as mine!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Splashback Success ..... Modern Version of the Subway Tile

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I have exciting news to relate ... we finally have a finished splash back in the kitchen.

A modern version of the subway tile with sharper angles and a lovely repetitive feel I am desperately in love with this little bargain.

 photo 016_zpsa181f541.jpg

That's right, not only do these look fantastic but the price was so good hubby nearly keeled over just thinking about it.

This splash back ..... cost us ..... wait for it ...... $66!

I kid you not, the tiles cost $66! We already had grout left over from the builder so for the grand total of $66 and a couple of hours of hubby's time another job is done.

God it feels good to get things done. Now into the final stages of our Ikea Hack in the theatre room!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Inspiration .... Finding the Source

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Every so often I tend to get asked .... where do you find the inspiration for some of your design choices and the truth is .... I am a collector. I collect ideas and different thoughts and store them on a hard drive. Hundreds, thousands even of pictures not necessarily for this house but some day - I would like to do that.

Some of the ones I have collected for this house I still havn't been able to use, I'm still thinking to myself, how on earth am I going to make this work???

Here are a few of my favourite outdoor images I am dying to find a place for in my house .... obviously the wait is long, the progress is slow and things seem to take longer than I would like but every single one of these ideas that come to life give me such a buzz .... my idea worked, I own that idea now, its mine, something for me to see every single day and know I made the right decision.

Yup I'm a collector ... our ideas .... and proud of it!

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