Monday, May 13, 2013

More Progress ... Skirting

 photo 001_zpsa2ca0bc1.jpg

So this week my husband is on fire .... oh yes he has been busy.

We are seeing the start of skirting boards. Great for rainy days not able to be spent outside we have been obsessing over trying to find the perfect size and shape. I love curves, detail and height,  wanted them to be big and bold and a definite break between the floor and walls. These are lovely, not too fussy but definitely a way of saying .... yes I have skirting.

We have started in the theatre room because we needed to build the cabinets around them but there is talk .... oh yes, rumour abound that these could procreate and start filling the house over time.

Excitement plus in the V household. I hope everyone elses Tuesdays are as fun filled as mine!

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