Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pretty in Lemon ....

 photo EditedPic22_zps5b64235c.jpg

My weekend was jam packed full of busy. So much to do and I really wanted to get it all over and done with in the one weekend but a highlight was a beautiful lemon and white candy buffet I designed that just screamed pretty.

Not trying to give myself a big head but how sweet is this. Its so pretty and so very feminine how can you not fall in love with it!!!

So today .... just pics .... lots and lots of pics!

 photo EditedPic21_zps819575a5.jpg photo EditedPic16_zps081aef1d.jpg photo EditedPic19_zps7dc452b3.jpg photo EditedPic15_zpsadf3e195.jpg photo EditedPic12_zps20b7e8f2.jpg photo EditedPic13_zps108afaf0.jpg photo EditedPic05_zps31e99c85.jpg photo EditedPic03_zps2ada89a3.jpg photo EditedPic02_zps3a449f5d.jpg

1 comment:

Miss Nell said...

Gorgeous!! I love the lemon, grey, black combo!!! Great job xx