Monday, May 20, 2013

Life .... and Detoxing

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It seems that life is very busy these days. I don't remember trying to fit as much into my days when I was younger but admittedly .... these days I am busy. Ridiculously busy.

I also find it very very hard to try to figure out what is important, its all important really, in different ways and to try and make a judgement call is almost impossible because in their own ways I want to do everything well.

So for the next 3 weeks I am detoxing .... not just my body although that is certainly a part of it but also all those inconsequential things that you really should do but just dont have to time to do.

Figure out whats important, get it done and move on.

Focus on me, my needs, go for a walk, get more sleep, eat better ..... take the time to actually buy a moisturiser instead of just using hubby's aftershave balm....

Yup - the detox starts now! Wish me luck peoples.

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