Thursday, July 18, 2013

Storm Damage

 photo 009_zpsa900f5d7.jpg

So I have been MIA for the last few days and the main reason is .... storm damage.

Nothing so common as lifted roof sheets for us .... oh no, the damage to our property was much more insidious. The fence we really don't want to deal with is trying to fall down.

Major cracks appeared in the ground holding it up, sever leaning and ominous cracking mean we have spent the last few days digging it out and reinforcing it so that it doesn't fall down before we are ready to deal with it.

Not to much writing today, my hands and arms are dying but a few pics to keep you going.

 photo 011_zpsb5854020.jpg photo 013_zps66e0c76d.jpg photo 020_zps3f3c69c1.jpg photo 021_zps525a5be4.jpg

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