Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ikea Hack ... Billy Bookcase turns Library

 photo 026_zpsef24789a.jpg

So last update on the Library was us painting .... oh the joys of painting.

This weekend we finished the bookcase and boy are we happy.

We started with placing and spacing all the units - Starting at the wall we worked our way outwards we with temporary spacers being screwed into place to keep things accurate.

 photo 002_zps796d3b91.jpg

Next we plaster boarded up the end - necessary because we needed a moulding on the edge and the bookcase was to thin itself to hold onto it.

 photo 006_zpse39c7e72.jpg

Skirting was then fitted with the bookcases being raised so that the skirting ends where the bottom shelf begins.

 photo 011_zps4aebed31.jpg

The hard part was the top moulding with us needing to have the perfect join at the corner.

 photo 014_zpscb2f5fc6.jpg

Finally the front moulding panels, we went with something fairly bulky and plain to counteract the ornate skirting and top moulding.

 photo 013_zps1d7a9dc0.jpg

Overall we are nearly done, a bot of no more gaps, putty and repainting and it will be all book ready but for now I cant say how proud we are of how it has turned out!


Miss Nell said...

Ooooooh looks awesome!!! Well done xxx

Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Wow! You are so clever. This looks fantastic.

Sarge said...

Congrats on the bookcase. It looks stunning!

Sarge said...

Congrats on the bookcase. What a lot of work but worth it - it's beautiful.