Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lounge Room Dreaming

 photo Picture1_zpsd5b6a5f4.jpg

So obviously the whole idea of focusing on one room at a time is a good one ... however every so often I look at the empty spaces and think to myself, "I want it now!"

Beautiful couches and rugs and mirrors ... oh god I love furniture.

It also makes me think about what exactly I want to do with the space ... here are some of my inspirations for the downstairs lounge room.

I think I like the warmth and relaxed nature of the first one more than the formality of the second, a mix of different wood tones, lovely linen chairs ... heaven is the top lounge room.

The bottom one I just love that hint of pale blue and gold. The beautiful light fixture and the restraint in detail is beautiful.

 photo foster_015_zpscba6023a.jpg

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