Thursday, June 6, 2013


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Obviously you may have noticed my uncharacteristic absence from here lately ... the reason is that I have actually been promoted in my current role. Oh yes, big promotion however even bigger amounts of responsibility meaning less time to play and more time to run around trying to hold onto my head.

I never imagined I would enjoy my career and always thought that I would work only to live the way I wanted however over the last year my thoughts have changed and I have been taking much more pride in my work achievements. Hopefully quite humbly I would like to say I have found my niche, I like my job, I'm almost good at my job and I have been recognised which just makes me so very happy and so very proud of myself right now.

I hope to still keep you all updated on how everything's going however I'm imagining I might not be on here EVERY single day any more. I hope you all understand, this is a great thing for me and I'm really happy with how my career is going however at the same time, I don't want to lose any of you, my lovely house friends. 

Hopefully things will eventually calm down and I will have 5 minutes to actually think but for now .... work seems to reign supreme so back to the grindstone I go!


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A heart felt, though belated CONGRATULATIONS! x KL