Monday, June 17, 2013

The Library Begins ...

 photo Glucksteindesignlibrary_zps22702201.jpg

Obviously from my previous posts you would probably have the picture that for me a library is my biggest ever want ... unfortunately for me we don't have the space for one at this present time. 

If I had my way we would build the most amazing library ever and I don't think I would ever leave the room. These are a few of my current favourites.

 photo 201220Home20Libraries20Wiedemann20Secret20Doors20HDP_121105_7_FS_zps4f4e23aa.jpg photo boardman-library_zps73c82b95.jpg

Coming back down to earth we do however have a large landing which will hold a series of bookcases beautifully. So now the bookcase design begins. If im being honest ... which I usually am I really don't have the money to build the dream bookcase that I want. So again ... like all other great projects this one is going to start as a set of humble billy bookcases and yup .... we are going to hack them!

 photo billy-bookcase__80158_PE194633_S4_zps3c5fe7c1.jpg

After a great deal of thought and research this is going to be the look we are going to try to achieve .... a lot of work - Yes.

 photo 13455f4990c141580ad2da5fa0be3f36_zpscbf8baea.jpg

Worth it if it turns out even half as good as this .... certainly!

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