Sunday, June 23, 2013

Library Ikea Hack Begins ....

 photo 054_zpsb30626b9.jpg

That's right, the library hack has started and like all good Ikea Hacks it begins with a box. OK maybe a few boxes.

 photo 055_zpscae0decc.jpg

All the normal putting the frame together without pulling your hair out steps to start with.

 photo 056_zps3e36869d.jpg photo 057_zpsfa188bea.jpg photo 058_zpsfa836b34.jpg

Then we move onto the more detailed work, we wallpapered the back panels of the units with a lovely navy blue and white printed paper.

 photo 059_zps5b65365b.jpg photo 060_zpsf3ad05e1.jpg

So simple and so pretty.

Then we slid them in to the back and did the usual nailing ect.

 photo 062_zps59f77987.jpg

Finally we start painting all our trim with a high gloss acrylic paint in the ever faithful Antique USA White.

 photo 061_zpsa99efd58.jpg

Such a good start but oh so much left to do - next we are onto spacing and framing it out. Not such a big job though when you think about it - one step at a time. 


Miss Nell said...

Love the wall paper!! Ive been attempting to do the same type of thing but life keeps getting in the way!!lol I want to get the wood panelling look wallpaper to do mine!!! I bet its going to look amazing!!!

Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Love the wallpaper you have used! Can't wait to see the finished product.