Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Romance Is Dead

Not long after I wrote the ridiculously mushy email about how much I miss my husband he has to go ahead and ruin it.

Oh yes, hubby managed not only to destroy all the lovely romantic feelings I had but even managed to replace them with a sense if rage and injustice at his unfair and perhaps even brutal comments over the phone.

You see - he called me frivolous. He said I had a way of always finding something to spend money on. Obviously you can imagine at the end of his little lecture I was seeing red and it isn't fair because when he is away he can just hang up the phone and I'm left there, angry and upset and I cant even give him the silent treatment!

So obviously not only do I vent to you on here but I decided to write him an email to set it straight. Now usually I would say ... wait till you calm down before you do anything stupid but to be honest... if someone called you frivolous you would want to kick them in the shins too right????

So this is what I wrote.

"To My Darling Husband

From our recent conversation it seems you may be unaware of the value of living. Obviously not cheaply but comfortably and definitely not excessively.

I feel that if you become aware of what things cost you may not lash out verbally every time you see a figure that involves more than two digits!

So here we go – the value of money in 10 easy steps

Number 1 - A Soft Serve Cone from MacDonald’s $0.50c
Number 2 - 2 Litres of Milk $4.87
Number 3 - A basic office takeway lunch $10.00
Number 4 - Basic Surf Tshirt $40.00 approx
Number 5 - 60L’s of petrol $80.00 approx
Number 6 - Dinner for 2 somewhere nice $120.00 approx (in Perth)
Number 7 - A flight to Melbourne $320.00
Number 8 - Shire Land Rates for a year $1200.00
Number 9 - An overseas Holiday  $10,000 - $15,000 not including spending
Number 10 - The cost of upsetting your wife 50% of everything! "

Obviously this is just a tongue in cheek way of me telling him how displeased I was with his obviously unjust treatment of me .... and it worked. I received a very nice apology and I'm getting taken out to dinner next week.

Moral of the story .... Words hurt.... even if they may be slightly true, not that I'm saying I am frivolous but I will admit its a possiblity .... oh yes and the other moral ... unhappy wife, unhappy life even from 12 hours away! 


B is building a house said...

I am glad he apologised :)

We always want what we don't have... Compared to Mr B I have a relatively inexpensive taste :(


Miss Vintage said...

Thanks B - Its funny but we are not really arguers .... we much prefer to make sarcastic comments back and forward until someone crumbles.. he he he This time he did and I get to go see Wicked! (The musical)