Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trying Harder To Get It Right....

Ok - Personally for me I think its important to make sure your house reflects you. It shouldn't be a display home looking perfect, but having very little relevance to your life or who you are .... People should be able to look at your house and say .... I get that, I understand how this is significant to them.

As you may have guessed hubby happens to work in an industry where things get built. I'm not talking houses, I'm talking bridges and mine sites where its very raw and everything is exposed. So when he sent me a website that showed Corten Steel Cladding (Rusty looking metal to those like me who just looked at that name dumbly) it seemed to just fit. We have both worked in the Pilbara, we have both cursed the red dust and although I don't particularly want to go back (my hair just wouldn't cope) when I looked at the images it instantly resonated with me ... this is us, this is part of who we are, silly as that sounds.

Although the idea of using lovely laser cut screens on that curved wall sounds amazing are we just getting something because it looks nice instead of trying harder to look at what suits us.

Corten is definitely not as pretty, probably a bit more earthy, a bit more raw looking and although the house is  in no way / shape or form going to be rough looking I think this might provide a nice contrast... oh and can you imagine how well it will look with the green / grey colours I have used on my external walls???