Thursday, August 18, 2011

Catching the Bug

So at the moment we are doing a little bit of "Fixing Up" of a rental property ... well last night we went to Bunnings to find a kitchen sink... and I had a bit of a flashback of practically living  there during our last renovation....

I think its a bit like an bug you catch and just cant get rid of. Don't get me wrong, we hated the hard work, the broken nails and constantly being dirty, dusty, broke and sore but at the same time, after the little taste we are having at the moment, it's fulfilling to fix something and make it better.

So - on one hand I am dreading having paint in my hair and waking up so tired it hurts to even get out of bed, on the other I'm kind of looking forward to doing something tangible and getting that lovely sense of achievement ...

I will say that within 2 weeks of move in I can almost guarantee you I will be cursing the hard work I'm now claiming to miss!

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