Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Perfect Kitchenette

Upstairs we are having a small little kitchenette - sink, microwave, fridge and the all important coffee machine and its been really hard trying to sort out how I want it to look. Most kitchenettes are hidden away but mine is going to be front and centre when you walk into the sitting room.

However I have finally found a picture I think is perfect. Its really simple but still fits in with the lovely warm feeling I'm trying to go for.

Again - sorry about the shortness of the blog .... still in clarification meetings listening to arguments between engineers about whether a XT (Christmas tree - sits on the ocean bed - looks nothing like a christmas tree but what do you expect when an engineer names it) should be horizontal or vertical and whether the IWOCS & SSIV's are properly engineered and ALARP (As low as reasonably practicable - My question is why dont you just say that instead of creating a new acronym for it) Let me just say ... I hate Acronyms


B is building a house said...

Just perfect! Love it!!!!


nrkp said...

SLK w SMF great idea, can't wait to see the kitchenette. KP