Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Go Away - Whoever You Are!

So for the last 24 hours I have heard the saying "these things are sent to test us" about sixteen times. Fine but when I find out who the hell sends these "things" I am going to tell them to go away and leave me alone!

Let me start at the beginning. It seems when it comes to booking a holiday to Europe I am cursed. Strong words I know but wait and you will understand. So almost 3 years ago we got married and our honeymoon was going to be Europe. It was all booked and we were so excited and then disaster struck. A couple of weeks before the wedding Hubby got offered a full time position with the company he was contracting for ... brilliant opportunity - the icing on the cake as far as we were concerned ... except, he needed to fly out 2 days after the wedding. Holiday Cancelled.

This time, I booked early, paid everything in advance .... nothing was going to go wrong. I actually remember saying to friends that this time its really going to work... we got down to 7 weeks and things were still going to plan .... and then yesterday I got a phone call. The main section of our holiday - 2 weeks out of the six was a tour.... was cancelled.

Oh bugger. So last night we had to frantically try and sort out an alternate itinerary. To be honest I didn't even have time to feel sorry for myself. I just had to get something sorted because the idea of just showing up and not having everything set into stone makes me break out in hives.

So there you have it - so far we are still going however I'm not going to say that anything else wont happen because no doubt it will.... but this time - I will be prepared.

Thought I would share my itinerary with you in photos.... because its so much more interesting than me just babbling on. If anyone has visited anywhere or has any great ideas on what to do please let me know your thoughts.... as I said, until about 1 in the morning I was slightly lost!

Stop 1 - Seven days in London

Stop 2 - Four days in Paris

Stop 3 - Four days in Berlin

Stop 4 - Four days in Warsaw

Stop 5 - Five days in Prague

Stop 6 - Five days in Rome

Stop 7 - Three days in Venice

After another two days in Paris and two more days in London

Stop 8 - Five days in Dubai

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Anette Ryan said...

Hi! What a trip :-)You 'll have a ball visiting all these places and I think you have given them each a good amount of days. London I just LOVE. There is sooo much to see there and never enough time. Make sure you have comfortable shoes but that goes for all places you 'll be doing a fair bit of walking around. I was in Prague the year after the Eastern block fell apart...1991, so 20 years ago. It was an amazing place and so "old" still. Don't know what it's like today but I loved it so much,the old beauty. There is an amazing Jewish cemetery at walking distance from the city centre. That is also where the old synagogue is. The cemetery is so "spooky" looking and it dates back to the 14th century and is not at use anymore but it was just so different. Maybe a bit different to visit during a holiday but so worth it.
That was all I could think of at the moment but there are so much to see at each place so you will be busy. When are you going?
Have fun!
//Anette :-)