Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Think Im A Closet Romantic

Ha - that title is funny in so many ways!

Firstly I should say, I adore my husband and cant imagine anyone better to spend the rest of my life with ... (except perhaps George Clooney but lets not go there on the off chance he does read this) however let me make this clear. I don't believe that relationships are all flowers and kisses and teddy bears. On occasion I don't particularly like my husband and I'm brave enough to say .... I'm sure there are times when he doesn't particularly like me.

HOWEVER - I think either I'm still drunk from the weekend or perhaps hiding somewhere is a closet romantic.

Now let me tell you where I'm going with this. So still focusing on my dressing room my original plan was to have a series of fashion plates displayed on one wall like these below.

 I love this idea and have wanted to do it forever .... BUT - and this is where the closet (get it dressing room / closet) romantic bit comes into it. What if instead of fashion plates I use pictures ... and yes it get worse. What if I use famous kissing photos.

Ok now you get where I'm going. I just really love these photo's. I can imagine the spontaneity that would go into these photos and maybe I should be bringing a little bit of that into my bedroom ... obviously not in plain view but what do you prefer ..... fashion plates or pictures of love!


B is building a house said...

I love those romatic photos and prefer them to the fashion ones :)

How is the house going? What's been done lately?


Miss Vintage said...

Hey B

House is pretty much at a stand still. Its waiting to be rendered at the moment but Perth has had rain for like 10 days straight so I am hoping as today is day 2 of sunshine things might start moving forward again.

Miss V

B is building a house said...

Fingers crossed it starts moving forward very soon :)


Anette Ryan said...

How about fashion pics in the closet AND kissing pics in bedroom? Unless Hubby want something else on the walls :-)
Have a nice sunny day over there! We are having "summer" here in Melbourne this week, so nice.
//Anette :-)