Monday, August 8, 2011

Progress - Baby Steps

So today its about the house .... My house! YAY - I just love saying that. Anyways so not alot is happening on the house front but they are taking baby steps.

My pantry has finally been fixed!

For those who dont read regularly the pantry was too small. This is my only real screw up in terms of layout and I wanted it fixed. Builders said it wasnt possible ... then after arguing it was but it was going to cost us $3,000 dollars! Heart attack right there but we said fine, its important to me so we signed over our loves for one teeny tiny little wall and door move..... and then we waited.

Well they have finally done it, they moved my wall and it took them less than a day but at least its done.

Looking at that lovely 2.6m of space I now how opens up so many possibilities. Here is what I have decided on.

I am having two floor to ceiling cabinet units like the ones below and then im going to have half units around the corner and then overheads as well. I am going to have a plain white benchtop for all my lovely glass canisters and then im going to paint the wall between benchtop and overhead units with blackboard paint a bit like below?

What do you think? Will it work? Have i got enough storage .... final question, am I obsessing over a pantry.... hell yeah!


B is building a house said...

I'm so happy you are getting the pantry you wanted :)

I love those drawers! Do you know who makes them?


Miss Vintage said...

The pull outs in the tall white cabinets ... ahh the lovely Mrs B - they are from my all time favorite store - Ikea. Brilliant arnt they?

B is building a house said...

Wow!!!! Great find! :)

If you are after motorised roller blinds you might want to check out -

Motorised curtain tracks are a lot more expensive though (and ugly!) :( -


Anette Ryan said...

Hi! That looks great! It's big and I think it will be big enough, even if you never can have to much storage :-). It's similar to the one I'm having in my house, mine slightly smaller though. We are also having ours fitted but by joiner and looking the same as our kitchen. I do like the IKEA shelving that you found, very smart. I just love IKEA too, maybe because I'm Swedish. In our house we refer to IKEA as "the embassy".
//Anette :-)
PS Just LOVE the black board paint! Might copy that idea.

KL said...

In my last house I had a huge WI Pantry and it was the thing that every person who saw the house went nuts over! Everyone loved it 100/10! Unfortunately I couldn't jig my plans to fit one in this house and I know I'll miss it. You did the right thing to get yours but $3000! Bloody extortion by a lazy builder / bricky if you ask me!