Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bloody Biological Clock

So for me - life was fairly simple when I first met my husband and it stayed that way for a few years.

Then about 2 - 3 years into our relationship disaster struck and the questions started.... you know the question I'm talking about. The totally inappropriate personal "When are you two getting married" question that everyone agrees is totally unacceptable but everyone does it anyways. So we lived through that for about 3 years and then when we got engaged we thought ... that's it, we have done it and the heat is off..... only its not. It seems the pressure is still there, its just the question that changes. We then got "So when is the big day, and unfortunately it took two years for us to organise the actual wedding. Now let me say, in my wedding speak I actually expressed gratitude that finally the wedding questions were over ... all over and we can now relax and just enjoy being married.

(picture a very big waaa waaahhh noise right here)

Of course its not over, now you get an even bigger inappropriate question - "so when are you guys having kids?"

Really people, Really? Is this a question you should be asking?

I know, for close friends and family it seems to be a talking point, and obviously everyone wants to cuddle a new baby but I have had friends of friends I have only met 10 minutes before asking us this question. I have even had 2 people on separate occasions rubbing my belly while asking when we were thinking of trying .... I'm not sure what that was supposed to achieve other than a very quick exit from hubby and I.

At the age of 28 (yes I know everyone always says - "you have plenty of time") these type of decisions are hard enough, you have doctors telling you about how your womb is slowly dying and every year you wait your fertility drops almost painfully plus your hormones start kicking in whenever you even see a baby or happen to walk past the baby department in Myer. Add that to the stress of EVERYONE questioning you on it and its enough to send you loopy.

That's it - Rant over - thank you for those who got to the end of it and to my biological clock - please shut up ... right now I would much rather be obsessing over colour swatches and laminate finishes!


Anette Ryan said...

Hi! My answer is NO, NO and NO. They have NO right and I think it's plain and simple rudeness. So there you go! :-)And 28 is not that "old" I had my first child when I was 40 which is probably not ideal but we meat late in life so that was the reason. I would tell those people of next time they say something. I had a friend who was asked and she just said "I can't have babies!" That shut that person up. And yes she could have children. So there you go now you really got me going. I have popped in here before to check your hose but not yet left a comment. Now I have.
Have a great day!
//Anette :-)

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Anette - its nice to know im not over reacting ... which i do do on occasion. Its just such a hard question to answer because if you say what you really think ... which is im way to selfish and have too many holidays left to go on you just look bad! he he he ... well I said it anyways so obviously I dont care that much. Great to get some positive feedback!

Classic Style Blog said...

I totally agree with Anette :))

B is building a house said...

Uggggh! I hate being asked those questions. Most of the time I just smile at them and/or ignore the question.


Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

I sympathise. Mr CC and I were together 6 years before getting engaged. Then another 2 years until the wedding. Now we've been married only 11 months and the baby pressure is on from family and friends. Be strong! Ange