Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cape Cod ??? Nope Another Down South House

So this one I adored. I love this winery (Flame tree, oh and they do a very nice champagne too) ... if this was a display home I would have screamed sold the minute I drove past. Its all white oh yes.... but this house is the moment hubby went ... oh I get what you mean when you said all white now!

Well Duhhh

My favorite moments of this winery are obviously the exterior, I love the shape of the house - the huge roof, the lovely side veranda's, there is one side of the house I don't love and that is the entry, its a big pitched roof and while its beautiful it reminds me just a little bit of a church but all the other angles of this are pure white heaven.

I also love the pillars on the veranda, they are square and simple but just seem to enhance everything ....

And finally this light fitting, it seriously makes you want to add a lovely big two storey room in your house just so you can have this light.

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