Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ikea Just Keep Getting Better

So I'm a bit of an Ikea admirer ... and to be brutally and sadly honest, my idea of a good day at the moment would be wandering around the store for hours just checking everything out and shaking my head over how great everything is.

We decided that we would be kitting out our dressing room with the PAX system from Ikea and when I was trying to sort out layout I came across the most amazing virtual closet software ... I can actually see what its going to look like.

So these are my thoughts....

This is the main layout - Hubby has the right side - I have the left and the middle wall.... well I am female, I need twice as much space as he does.

So number 1 - the long hanging space is for my dresses ... I actually don't know if this is enough ... (I know your shaking your head again) but I figure I can put my formal dresses and cocktail dresses downstairs. Obviously half hanging up the top is for skirts, bottom pants section for jeans and work pants and then the shoe rack at the bottom for my sneakers and ballet flats.

Number 2 has shelving for those little tops and gym gear and then I have draws for dedicates, socks and bathers. You will also notice I have these lovely little jewellery draws which is the whole reason I fell in love with the PAX system... finally a place for my jewellery.

Number 3 is the corner unit - not alot you can do here but I have space up top for my clutches and bags and also some hanging space for coats...

Finally my shoe rack ... doesn't it look heavenly??? This is one of my other favorite points in the dressing room .... Oh and more drawers for other bits a pieces as well as a bit more hanging space just in case he he he ... so I'm 90% sure I will have enough space but then again .... can you ever really have enough space?

Hubby's is simple - no real need to explain, lots of shelves, no real need for stacks of shoes and finally some draws to hide the crap that men just seem to accumulate.

But wait there is more it also gives you a shopping list to take with you as well as a total costing ????

I am blown away with just how easy it all is - So yes - Ikea = Miss Vintage Heaven

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