Thursday, July 7, 2011

Idiot On Board

Let me start this post by saying I do realise I am insane - I do realise that I am totally completely losing my mind and to even act on this impulse would most likely be the worst decision I would ever have made and luckily I'm not in a position to act on this because its oh so tempting.

So let me tell you the problem.... see I'm in love with a house. As I say this I sit here lecturing myself in my head "why oh why on earth would I look on a real estate website" but anyways back to the house.

Build in 1888 this house is a 691 sqm piece of rundown heaven on a huge 1.44 acres of prime real estate (maybe). 15 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large music room, 3 kitchens (don't know why you need three but lets move on) The decor is terrible, it needs a lot of work and someone who understands that lime green should never be seen in a kitchen, needs to buy it and make it the pretty house it used to be.

But its grand (pause here and just realise that when I say grand I mean, heart stoppingly grand) and although these pictures of the outside make it look amazing I did a google map search and there is nothing green or manicured about it. Heavens it could even be a film set for a haunted house movie ... but oh its wonderful. It is everything you could possibly imagine, large rooms, high ceilings, enough fireplaces to make even me happy. The windows make me want to fall over and cry and the staircase, although not great now is just dying to be stained and re carpeted .... in short - this house is all my dreams come true.

Downfall.... its in Tasmania. So let me tell you. WHEN I win the lotto this weekend I will be buying this house, keeping my lovely little one here for weekend jaunts across the country and devote the next ten years of my life turning this grand old house into something I will never want to leave!

So I'm going to let you admire the pictures of my new house ... only for today, tomorrow I will focus on my little one but for today, I kind of wish we had of seen this 2 years ago because maybe just maybe we would be looking at a sea change right now!

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