Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enough Dreaming

Well I think I have well and truly worn out my millionaire dreaming. I think its about time to get back down to earth and really start focusing on what is instead of what never will be.

So today I'm going to discuss again my love of anything round. I have a round wall but if I were to do it again, and found a builder who was happy to have 100's of different shape and sized windows and doors and walkways I most definitely would take advantage. Nothing would be standard size. 

I already feel sorry for my next builder even though I have no desire to build again ... yet. I think I will always be on the lookout for the next amazing land find .... Oh I know, your probably shaking your heads thinking to yourself ... her poor hubby!


KL said...

That first photo would inspire a whole new house design! Beautiful!!!!

nrkp said...

The first pic window and seating, very nice. Love it.

B is building a house said...

Love it!