Sunday, July 3, 2011

Real Inspiration

This weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with a friend I met on the Home One Renovation Forum - here - KayandAndy (I'm using forum names just in case she wants privacy). We have been chatting for over a year now and I really admire the fact the she has owner built ... something I'm not yet brave enough to do.

Anyways I got to see her house (yay, imagine me jumping up and down clapping my hands - childish I know but hey, I was almost as excited as when hubby suggests a trip down to Baskin and Robbins for chocolate and peanut butter ice cream)... and I was very very excited, polished concrete flooring, curved walls (you know my secret weakness for curves) and the most amazing bling'y lighting I have ever seen.

The experience left me both frightened out of my mind and so excited about the possibilities - I saw just how much work these is left to do and don't get me wrong, its intimidating and just a little bit overwhelming but I also saw just how much she has achieved and just how exciting this time is ... so wishing her every bit of luck for the next two weeks.... I'm looking forward to being invited back once its done because from the sounds of it ... this is going to be one special house!

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