Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simple Sometimes Is Best

On a totally random note before I move onto the most amazing Californian Bungalow I have ever seen - I am losing my mind. No really - forgetting my pin number, lopping of my fringe in a moment of panic and losing the car keys (for over 4 days now) officially puts me into the - crazy cat lady who forgot to buy cats stage... Also, I have decided the grey hairs I have started finding are stress related not age related .... All in all, I'm obviously moving into the realms of crazy and although that may be considered bad thing by most people, a lovely, quiet, white phychiatric hospital with no demanding engineers, forgetful builders or never ending to do lists is looking pretty damn tempting.

Ok - enough about my head - now onto this bungalow  (found on the houzz website here)- I don't know if its the lovely calm shades of grey or the way they have mixed natural and industrial products but this house just works on so many levels.

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