Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Im Over This Work Thing!

Oh yes - two 8pm finishes in a row and I have to say - Work Sucks! BIG TIME.

And yes, we didn't finish last night so back in this morning for more of the same ... oh joy.

However I have snuck in a quick post about some of the other amazing things on sale at Empire - it seems someone above is listening to me because there is stacks of amazing items to choose from that match my style .... Thank you Empire!

Oh the industrial shelves fourth picture down - wouldn't they look super cute in a little boys bedroom? (PS. Super Cute ... god I know, I'm blaming it on lack of sleep!)


B is building a house said...

Thanks for your commend Miss Vintage. Stupidly, instead of publish I somehow selected "Delete" and I can't bring your comment back up now :(

B is building a house said...

Stunning pieces and photos Miss Vintage :)

PS. I agree, work SUX big time :)