Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Watching the Weight ....


Let me start by saying this is not a diet or weight loss related post.

Its all about luggage and being smart about my packing. I have read plenty of websites claiming its possible to travel for weeks at a time out of your carry on luggage. I don't doubt that for a minute, I am sure its possible, however in my head is a little voice saying .... why would you want to? Why wouldn't you want to look glamorous and chic when travelling in a lovely new country? 

So the challenge has begun, putting everything I wanted in my bag and then slowly reducing it until I am under the max weight restrictions on the small domestic flights.

I try to stick under 20 kgs if I can ... this is not as easy as you think when you take into account toiletries, ice skates (my husband assures me this is a necessity) and ski coats etc.

Last night was attempt number one of packing ... surprise surprise I came in under 20kg's! Not only is this quite a shocking (in a good way) but also a moment that well and truly deserved a happy dance. After I sat down I realised I haven't actually completed packing with a few smaller items still to fit. But I will get there I'm sure - I have a good starting place and will now spend the next week agonising over what item I can afford to leave behind!


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