Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give Me the Luxury of Air Travel ... Past!


Sometimes it's very easy to organise your trip to be as comfortable as possible, airport transfers, good luggage, prearranged tickets ect but the one thing I struggle with time and time again is the flying. See we can't afford to travel business, very few can at $8,000 a return airfare to London. Personally I just can't justify that type of spend. I would much rather put it towards the house, however the idea of sitting in such a small cramped space totally freaks me out!

Please don't get me wrong, short flight (5 hours or under) I find quite easy but the one thing that is bound to send shivers up and down my spine is that long haul flight .... uggh.

I don't know if I have told you this but the idea of sitting in that small seat trapped between rows of people totally freaks me out. Lucky for me, the last few trips I have been travelling business (thank you work) and even that little bit of extra room makes the trip a breeze.


I do realise as I write this I'm going to come across sounding like a spoilt princess, in my head I know its 16 hours, I have done it before and I will do it again but still my stomach lurches and I break out into a cold sweat at the thought.

I have tried everything to get used to this particular form of travel, sleeping tablets, copious amounts of alcohol (not together) and a bunch of natural remedies meant to help you get through anything but has anything helped .... I'm afraid not.

This time I thought I had it covered, because of all the business travel we have stacks of frequent flyer points.  Upgrading seemed to be the answer, only now .... under a week to go I call up Qantas and discover the flight over is filling up and a business upgrade is looking unlikely. 

Sorry what??? .... Unlikely. This cant be happening!

So im back to the drawing board .... do I go with sleeping tablets, maybe see a doctor to drug me out, anything to help me get through the 16 hours of hell.


How do others get through this? Am I alone in my panic? How do you cope with the lack of personal space?

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