Monday, November 5, 2012

Lotto Fever

There is so much hype today, Melbourne Cup, The US election and of course ... the biggest lotto draw of all time. 

One Hundred Million Dollars!

Now for me that is a scary lot of money .... but it does get you thinking, if I had that amount of money what would I do with it and to be honest my wants started small.

An insane pair of shoes 


A baby Range Rover


A holiday to Egypt


and then things started spiralling .... hey 100,000,000 is an aweful lot of money, I could do anything so right about now I took it up a notch ....

A boat


A library to die for 


A small country property ... he he he


This is the moment I realised I would probably lock the money up into an account for a year until we actually can figure out what we would do with it because looking at what I wanted, I cant be trusted with that type of money.

What about you?


Priya Raj said...

I must say you made a good choice , according to me ....who has no idea to do with such insane amount of money .... Perhaps apart from the luxuries a school for girls in India , a fund for self employment of women in Nepal, a charity that helps single mothers in Australia..... I can go on :)

Miss Vintage said...

Priya - you put me to shame ... Lucky I didn't get the money, I can only hope you are one of the lucky ones in the eastern states!

I can say I am so glad it was split between 4 families! YAY for them!