Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shocking Discoveries ... About Mr V


He loves it so very much when I blog about darling Mr V however the other day I learned something shocking and new that I just had to share with my dedicated and all very lovely readers.

Please bare in mind hubby and I have been together for nearly 10 years, married for 4 now and yet this is something that up until now I didn't know....  Trust Me - I am amazed as you no doubt are! Here we go .....

My Husband ... Mr V ..... Is a Tupperware Nazi!

During a glass of wine and washing up, it was revealed he didn't appreciate my lack of respect towards the Tupperware cupboard in the house. He felt ... rightly or wrongly that a kitchen item as important as Tupperware should be given a more prominent and spacious position in our rather tiny kitchen.

Obviously this differing view of the importance of Tupperware made me rethink ... you see Tupperware isn't pretty, it doesn't make your eyes light up like a perfectly space set of wine glasses will, Tupperware is practical obviously but to me its a consumable, use it until it no longer closes properly and replace.

This got me thinking ... am I a minority ... who truly respects their Tupperware  What is your Tupperware cupboard like? Do you give it the space my husband feels it deserves? 

Disclaimer - Obviously I use the term Tupperware very loosely ... my plastic storage devices are not Tupperware, apparently I don't respect it enough to actually be able to buy Tupperware so this is my cheap but still brilliant alternative. 

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e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

This is hillarious Miss V! L.M.A.O! (As I think I shocked you last time, I have modified my acronym) I too have your brand of Tupperware. *Blesses self*. I understand that many find the loose use of such labelling quite sacriligious. Mr V. ! Who knew?! I'm sure there are many self-help groups open in your area...(T.A) I WILL NOT share with you what the contents of my plasticware cupboard looks like (Mr V might read and have a breakdown) and I myself have not seen it for years. I open, grab and shut in < 2 seconds otherwise the floor disappears under a tonne of the stuff. Loving clip-lock bags ATM. Much safer.
x KL