Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Route ... Eastern Europe Holiday


Well hello and happy Monday to all. It was, of course a busy last weekend in Australia for the year, last minute running around, catch ups ... I could just go on and on - however instead I thought I would give you a short overview on my trip and the amazing destinations I will be telling you all about over the next few weeks.

So we fly into Moscow .... Beautiful ...cold Moscow -5 degrees today. Oh the joy!

From there we take the train to St Petersburg .... so much to see and do, again more cold!

We then fly to Kiev ... Hubby's choice where we visit a Soviet Missile Silo and Chernobyl

From Kiev we travel to Romania where we meet a university history professor who will show us around

We then travel to Frankfurt where we meet my mother and start on our Christmas tour of the black forrest

We end the tour in Lucern where we have elected to stay a few more days exploring Switzerland

Finally we travel to Prague where we will be celebrating new years before making the long trek home!

There you have it - 7 sentences summing up our trip .... may it be as easy as writing this was!


e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

Just caught up on your travel news. How to pack <20 k? Well done. Love the travel bible...I do this too, plastic sleeved for each section! My daughters are in Japan so excited for them... Hope your trip is wonderful!
x KL

Miss Vintage said...

Ha - I too am struggling with the 20 kg limit and im glad someone else does something similar with their travel stuff! Mr V said it might be slightly over the top! I will try to keep you updated with my adventures! Have a lovely Christmas KL!