Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not Like a Movie - Helicopter Drama's


Obviously its not like in the movie ... the boy gets to the airport just in time - runs to the gate just in time.

Obviously by the title you can guess this is not like in the movies. A long sleepless night I received the expected call from Mr V where I fully expected him to say 

"honey, I'm getting on the chopper - see you tonight!"

Instead in a dark voice he advises me the chopper had turned around halfway out to the facility. 

If you can imagine this is the moment your stomach drops. Obviously I said all the right things - we have a contingency - he will meet me in Singapore! It's ok ... everything is fine.

The minute I got off the phone however all that changed. I sat on the floor and started laughing uncontrollably! Yup you got it - I couldn't stop the uncontrollable laughter. Tears running down my cheeks I think to myself - it can only happen to me. Seriously, I know I should have booked the flight later but .... really. Seriously!!!

So now I'm sitting on tenterhooks .... waiting for hubby to call with an estimated ETA on a new chopper! 

Personally I think im handling things fairly well - Im now sitting here planning on how to repack so I can carry everything myself! 

Speaking of repacking ... look at the brilliance of my toiletries bag and carry on liquids .... at least one thing is going right! Everything fits!




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