Monday, October 1, 2012

Still Not Right ....


These frames are going to be the death of me. I think the problem is that I have been agonising over them for so very long I just want them to be perfect.

So take three on the gold frames .... I have now used a textured wall paper and painted it the same colour as the walls. Hopefully this will soften the look somewhat .... god I don't know. Its all so hard ... How on earth do you make decisions like this and know they are right ....

So its out there now .... I need your help. Do you like the patterned wallpaper of the barely there look???





Miss Nell said...

I like the pattern wallpaper, as from the photos you cant see the texture of the other wallpaper. It might look better in real life though!!! Sorry not much help there really am I?? lol

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Miss Nell - I agree, there is something just not right about the plain textured ... Im taking it down!