Thursday, October 25, 2012

Travel Photo's - Scotland

So you all know I am now part of a photo club ... It's actually quite sad really, I'm not the most confident of people and every time I approach one of these "Photo Experts" I totally freak out and either start rambling or end up sounding like an absolute ditz.

Last weekend I went to a Camera / Coffee shop to ask a few questions about my lens and the guy who was helping me suggested I buy a hood. I took out my camera so we could see what I would need and suddenly ..... he gasps.....

"oh my god, what happened to the lens?"

Apparently a bit of the plastic (non essential plastic mind you) had chipped off. Funny enough I remember the exact moment it received this piece of damage and thought it was actually a bit of a funny story ...

"funny you should ask," I said "I was up the top of a tower in this derilict castle in the middle of an old farm and it was raining and really slippery, Obviously as its very old the stairs sort of wind up and they are not even .... I happened to lose my footing and slipped down half of them on my bum .... both the camera and I ended up with a whole bunch of really terrible bruises"

Instead of looking at the funny side of the situation .... me sliding down the spirals in my ass he chose to give me this look which to me meant .... I should have put even more of my body on the line to save the camera.

Obviously the actual lens itself isn't damaged, Its just a little chip out of the plastic and to be honest, what do you expect when you explore old castles, run down hills that half way down you realise is more of a cliff and get attacked by goats when you least expect it (another story for another time)

Anyways, In this particular instance I sounded like a ditz. The one good thing that came out of this meeting was he convinced me to submit two photo's for judging at the next club meeting.

Now did I agonise over which photo's I wanted to submit. Hell yes! But before I lost my nerve I clicked send and now they are gone .... here goes a 10 day nervous wait.

I am hoping that the constructive criticism they give will help me take better pictures on my next holiday! So for your viewing pleasure .... the two photo's I have submitted for judging.



These two I was considering but didn't make my top two list .... what do you think - Did I make the right decision?



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Alex.2424 said...

I think you made the right choices, those photos are great : ). When I was in year 12 I did photography and had a teacher who sounds exactly like the guy you spoke to. Some of my photos were so good they got put into an exhibition at the local art gallery but I still got a c from the teacher haha