Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Something's Gotta Give ...


My apologies for not being "online" yesterday. Obviously at this point in time life just seems to be extremely stressful. Obviously your all aware of my issues with my current job .... I am also struggling with all the little day to day things that I usually have no problems getting done.

Its funny because it seems to be one never ending circle of stress, like the house, usually my house is immaculate however I just can't seem to keep up with keeping it clean, then I see it messy and get even more stressed because its not clean .... obviously the circle keeps going and going and its a bit like a broken record where I just can't quite reach the switch.

I should also warn you I am now on the search for an alternative paving option. The once we chose and love is actually extremely slippery at the best of times so installing it around a pool is not a wise choice.

Obviously nothing is easy and since I have already brought the waterline tile and step tread I'm working backwards .... however I have a few options to show you tomorrow .... bring on the weekend.

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