Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gilt Frame Photo Wall - Its Up


I have been going on and on about my lovely gilt frames and finally I am happy to say - they are up!

Now I love having them on the wall - they are so pretty, crazy busy but pretty however I'm starting to think the patterned wall paper in side is just that step too far?
Maybe I need to make them all black - maybe I need the insides to be the same colour as the walls.

To be honest I just don't know but I'm going to have plenty of fun making it work!



B is building a house said...

Looks amazing as it is. And I like the wallpaper inserts!

From a distance though, your pretties can't be seen clearly as they look dark and kind of blend into the cabinet. But hey, what do I know!


Abigail said...

I love the gilt frames with the gorgeous dresser.
What about some photos of your overseas travels instead of the wallpaper?

Miss Vintage said...

Hi Guys - B I have been agonising over this very same thing. I did try to have landscape photo's Abigail however it just looked to busy. I am in the process of trying again - please let me know what you think!