Monday, September 3, 2012

Modifying a Dining Room Table


Funny story .... I may have brought dining chairs that don't actually fit under my dining room table.

See they almost fit but they don't. Did I buy them knowing they wouldn't fit .... yes .... however in my defence they do fit under the table they just don't fit in between all of the legs. 

He he he - Dad's response, "we can make it fit this time possum but in future ... go into my shed and put one of the pretty coloured tape measures in your purse!"

Thank you daddy .....




The Decorating Emporium said...

a) Oh no! b) How cute is your Dad? c) The chairs look amazing anyway and I'm so glad he could make them fit just this once!!!


VeryChic said...

I absolutely adore your dining suite. May I ask where do you get the table and chairs from? Your house is coming up so nicely, well done :)

VeryChic said...

Your dining sute is really stunning. May I ask where did you get the table and chairs from. You have done really well with your house and I am hoping to see more interior decorating in the next many months :)

Miss Vintage said...

Hi Guys

Daddy is super cute and I have to say im happy he is here to help me out.

The table is from a store in WA called Vast - they have a store in Joondalup and Port Kennedy from what I remember.

The Chairs are from a store in Freo called Toucan but I did take the last ones hence the great price ... he he he. They did have stacks of other designs however tehy are slightly expensive.

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

Wow, the table and chairs are fantastic! Thank god for fathers!!!LOL!
x KL

B is building a house said...

Your dining chairs!!!!!!

Totally droolicious!!!!!