Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Entry Rug - Take Two


So my new entry rug has arrived. Actually that's a lie .... My new entry rug was dragged kicking and screaming into my car - squished into a space way to small only to be re-dragged into my house by little old me .... I will admit I almost died trying to get it into and then out of the car.....

But now its here and I have to admit I love it. The proportions are right, the colouring is perfect and to walk on it barefoot is almost heavenly.

I suppose if I was in the mood I could go on about sometimes having to admit failure and try something different but to be honest I'm just happy its here, it fits and I no longer have to obsess over the damn thing!





B is building a house said...

It looks beautiful <3

Welld one :)


Alex.2424 said...

This one looks more suitable for your entry hall than the smaller rug : )

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

the colours although similar look far better. the wider black border 'grounds' it and ties in with the wall art as does the centre motif. size? perfection! x kl

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks so much - For some reason this teeny tiny room is causing me issues. Its good to have your comments because it helps reaffirm these decisions.